About Horsefly Analytics

Why did we create Horsefly Analytics? Because we saw a disruptive way to innovate within the talent acquisition space with an easy to use platform that lets you instantly view and compare labour market supply & demand data across the globe. As companies increasingly look beyond their borders and office walls for talent, we wanted to create platform that would support growth with accurate data to base important decisions on. The business cost of not filling key roles, or hiring the wrong people is detrimental, and Horsefly clients feel confident in the decisions they make regarding talent, and can show high ROI on utilising our data.

Who needs Talent Analytics? Any company in growth mode can make good use of our platform to make better and more informed hiring decisions - from large enterprises to startups in hypergrowth mode - hiring the right people is what will propel your business to success.

Today, our clients, find our data and the visual output of our interface invaluable in helping them make better, more informed decisions. We enable our users to become the "expert voice" in their organisation when it comes to business expansions, diversity, and talent acquisition.

In just three years, our platform grew exponentially from 1 country to 38 countries, and our product is now used by some of the world's biggest companies across the Public Sector (the UK Home Office and Office for National Statistics), Private Sector (Virgin Media, Ernst and Young, Lloyds Banking Group for starters) and RPOs (e.g. Kornferry, Hays, Resource Solutions).

Meet Our Leadership Team

Horsefly's leadership team is comprised of industry veterans

Will Crandle

Founder & CEO

Trained in R, SQL and relational databases, technology innovator Will Crandle saw a disruptive way to innovate within the talent acquisition space with an easy to use platform that lets you instantly view and compare labour market supply & demand data across the UK. That led him to gather some of the smartest people he could find to start building the foundation for Horsefly Analytics.

Once Horsefly was live, in just three years, Horsefly grew exponentially and now is used by some of the largest public and private sector organisations in the world.

Before founding Horsefly, Will was a technology leader for EmptyLemon and previously ScottishPower, an energy company that provides gas and electricity to house holds and businesses in the UK. Will's greatest pleasure comes from spending time with our brilliant team, responsible for our success, and our clients - who are valued partners in helping drive our product roadmap and development.

Pete Moore


Before Horsefly, Pete was originally a Mathematical Physicist at the University of Nottingham where he graduated third in a class of 25, leading to a 'first' career in relational databases. In particular at Evolution Recruitment he became IT Director over a twelve year period in which he helped them grow from eight people in one office representing one company to 200 people in seven offices representing a multi-national organisation. This growth was driven by the CRM maintained and improved by Pete and his team.

Pete set up his own business post-Evolution consulting on data privacy, a subject he is still passionate about. Simultaneously, Pete studied for his Masters Degree in Data Science at the University of Dundee. He graduated with Distinction then joined Horsefly, one of the few businesses where he gets to use the entirety of that degree.

Pete truly enjoys working in the talent analytics sphere, delving into treasure troves of talent data, asking questions like "what is a career?" Modelling talent data to allow supply and demand to be assessed for any job, anywhere, all the while working with cutting edge data science algorithms and managing a team of passionate professionals. On a product that makes the client wiser, the workplace fairer, meritocracy better.

Mike Basnett Sandiford

Head of Partnerships

Mike is Head of Partnerships for Horsefly building our strategic enterprise level accounts and the overarching RPO and MSP sector for the business.

Mike brings an extensive knowledge of the HR and Recruitment market with over 20 years of experience spanning Marketing / Advertising and Predictive analytics. He started his career in the early days of the job board revolution with Jobsite, when newspaper advertising was a dominant force. Having worked across a number of job boards, Mike moved to a number of start ups to help scale new technology in immature markets and learn more about technology that was starting to influence the market.

A competitive man that doesn't like losing, translating to the golf course where Mike is a respectable 11 Handicap golfer with a desire to reach single figures, when work allows him to play more.






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